New: the 2014 Wisconsin Election Quick Reference Card

Atty. Randy Melchert, candidate for Wisconsin State Treasurer, is excited to release the 2014 Election Quick Reference Card, available at

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“As a public service to my fellow politicos, I am excited to share with the public a quick reference guide to every candidate on the ballot, their ballot order, current incumbency, Partisan Voter Index scores based on Presidential elections, and endorsees of Pro Life Wisconsin. Of interest are the underlined ‘close races’ that point out the key races to watch. ”

The Contested Seats for August 12th’s Republican Primary

  • Governor – Scott Walker (unopposed in primary)
  • Lt. Governor – Rebecca Kleefisch (unopposed in primary)
  • Attorney General – Brad Schimel (unopposed in primary)
  • Secretary of State:
    • Julian Bradley, La Crosse – Julian Bradley has the most to bring to the table. 1,000+ Facebook fans. Compelling life story. And the GOP State Convention Endorsement.

  • State Treasurer:
    • Randy Melchert, Menomonee Falls – endorsed by State Treasurer Kurt Schuller, past State Treasurer Jack Voight, deputy State Treasurer Scott Feldt, and the Waukesha County Taxpayer Association. Following news of the massive backlog in unclaimed property following its removal from the Treasurer’s office – it’s more urgent than ever that we restore the Treasurer’s office, and Melchert is the conservative choice to do that.

  • Congress: 1st District (Racine/Kenosha/Janesville):
    • Paul Ryan is running against a fake Republican Jeremy Ryan.
  • Congress: 2nd District (Madison):
    • Peter Theron is unopposed.
  • Congress: 3rd District (La Crosse):
    • Tony Kurtz  – veteran, has the best team to take on Ron Kind

  • Congress: 4th District:
    • Dan Sebring -
  • Congress: 5th District: F. James Sensenbrenner, unopposed in primary
  • Congress: 6th District:
    • Glenn Grothman - has the conservative track record, endorsed by Rick Santorum
  • Congress 7th District: Sean Duffy -R incumbent, is being primaried
  • State Senate: currently 18-15 GOP, very likely to go to 19-14 GOP. However a likely 3 seat shift could move the GOP Majority from moderate-conservative to very conservative
    • SD 17: Howard Marklein (for Dale Schultz-R, was the sole GOP Senate No vote on Act 10) (no primary, Dem Primary)
    • SD 19: Roger Roth (for Mike Ellis-R, allegedly driven out by James O’Keefe video ) (no primary, Dem Opponent)
    • SD 21: GOP Primary (for John Lehman-D incumbent, not running for re-election). Listen to the debate on Vicki McKenna (Newstalk 1130) – Part 1 and Part 2
      • Jonathan Steitz – financial expert and tax and policy advisor for Heartland Institute, GOP candidate for half of this district during recalls
      • Van Wangaard - previous state Senator, lost recall following his support of Act 10, has an impressive list of endorsements, under fire for allegedly trying to undercut Governor Walker’s Act 10 bill according to MSNBC but Van denies it.
    • Senate Maybe Pickups
      • SD31 – Mel Pittman and Bill Ingram. Both are running in the primary to challenge Kathleen Vinehout (D), who beat Ed Thompson (R) in 2010 by a bare 400 votes out of almost 60,000 cast.
      • SD25 – Dane Deutsch – lost to Robert Jauch (D) in 2010 by 1,600 votes out of almost 60,000 cast. Jauch is retiring and a 3-way Dem primary will determine Deutsch’s opponent.
      • SD7 – Red Arnold – In 2010, the GOP candidate got 42% against incumbent Chris Larson (D)
      • SD15 – Brian Fitzgerald – In 2010, the GOP candidate got 41% against incumbent Tim Cullen (D), who is retiring. A 3-way Dem Primary will determine

Below is a list of the Assembly seats with primaries. The Assembly is currently 60-39 GOP. Of the uncontested races, 29 are GOP, 23 are Dem, leaving 47 contested races (31 GOP current, 16 Dem current). Please comment with your feedback on who is the best candidate for each seat!

  • 1 – Gary Bies-R, retiring, 4 way GOP Primary. From BallotpediaPaul Feit will face Brian HackbarthJoel KitchensJon Kruse and Terry McNulty in the Republican primary. Incumbent Garey Bies (R) won the general election by a margin of victory of 3 percent in 2012.
  • 4 – retiring GOP, 3 way primary.
  • 20 – 3 way GOP primary to challenge incumbent Dem
  • 22 – Don Pridemore
    • Janel Brandtjen endorsed by retiring Rep. Don Pridemore and 17 local elected officials.
  • 26 – Mike Endsley-R, retiring, 2-way GOP Primary between Job Hou-Seye and Terry Katsma.
  • 27 – Steve Kestell-R retiring, 3-way GOP Primary
  • 33 – retiring GOP, no Dems have filed. 3-way GOP Primary
  • 43 – 2 way GOP Primary to challenge incumbent Dem
  • 51 – Howard Marklein-R running for Senate, 4-way GOP Primary between Dennis Polivka, Todd Novak, Tyler Schultz, and Ken Rynes.
  • 55 – Dean Kaufert-R now mayor, 5-way GOP Primary between Jay Schroeder, Ryan Pheifer, Mike Rohrkaste, John Lehman, and Steven Gillespie.
  • 58 – Patricia Strachota-R retiring, no Dems have filed. 3 way GOP Primary
    • Robert Gannon – ” I’m a staunch conservative who believes in the sanctity of life”
  • 59 – Daniel LeMahieu-R retiring, no Dems have filed, 4 way GOP Primary
    • Bill Savage - experienced conservative activist, organizer,
  • 60 – Duey Stroebel-R running for Congress, no Dems have filed, 2 way GOP Primary between Robert Brooks and Jean Opitz.
  • 63 – Robin Vos-R, incumbent, and Speaker of the Assembly being primaried by Bryn Biemeck.
  • 75 – Stephen Smith-D, incumbent being challenged by 2 GOP (Ken Mandley, Romaine Quinn) for a very conservative seat that was formerly held by Roger Rivard (R-Rice Lake).
  • 81 – Fred Clark-D, retiring, 3 GOP and 3 DEM challengers.
    • Ashton Kirsch - lawyer, hardest working and most active fundraiser
  • 87 – Mary Williams-R, retiring, 4-way GOP Primary.
    • Shirl Labarre - lost in 2010 by 1,300 votes out of 21,500 cast.
  • 97 – Bill Kramer-R retiring, no Dems have filed. 6 way GOP Primary.
    • Brandon Rosner – endorsed by a diverse group of solid conservatives as well as the GOP establishment including Sheriff Trawicki, Tommy Thompson, Walter Kolb, Tim Michels. Key is his fundraising lead.

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